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TENET Resources & Solutions Private Limited
performance Accounting audit includes an independent assessment of how fair the management has been while making and presenting the company's financial statements. It also includes evaluating an organization, its accounting system, processes etc.
TENET advises a wide range of clients and their financial stakeholders, from fast growing and established businesses to public companies competing in global markets
We provide hands on approach to advising your business, whether it is large or small, taking the time to get to know the individuals involved as well as gaining valuable insight into the industry and the marketplace your business operates in. We keep you up to date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes throughout the annual cycle, as well as providing the most appropriate advice to maximize the potential of your business.
By working closely with you, we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs.
At TENET, we understand the demands placed on directors today. In an era where investors and other stakeholders demand transparent financial reporting, we provide our clients with a robust and challenging audit.
Our approach helps you to ensure your financial statements are not merely technically correct, but conform to constantly evolving best practice. When required, we have the courage to raise sensitive issues to ensure we deliver an audit that allows you to discharge your responsibilities with confidence. Many of our clients are listed or large private businesses that have grown with us. They stay with us because they like what we do and how we do it.
We will always offer you the depth, technical expertise and rigour that you expect from a leading accounting firm. But you will also find us approachable, accessible and in tune with your individual needs. Our partner is genuinely hands on. We believe that a frank and open relationship makes for a more responsible and insightful audit. And, within the bounds of public interest, we work hard at really understanding you, your business and the potential risks.
In essence, our audit and assurance services help you to ensure all the stakeholders in your business gain comfort that their legitimate concerns are being taken care of. The involvement of partners and experienced professionals at all key stages is a feature of our audit approach. By listening, understanding and anticipating your requirements, we plan thoroughly to conduct a robustly independent, professional audit.